Here’s a little webby byte about Robert McFalls (52 min) documentary about our family’s urban micro farm.

All About HomeGrown By C.J. Adams  (

Check out what Robert McFalls, Producer/Director of the film HomeGrown had to say about food, farming, family and film

Read full interview

HOMEGROWN Coming to a City Near You!

Don’t forget HOMEGROWN will be screening at various cities through the USA and now Canada in October (I can hear our fans north of the border let out an excited little woot!)

Check the film’s website for the latest screening venues.


With similar titles it easy to get confused between the two.

So just to clear it up HOMEGROWN is a 52 minute documentary produced by Robert McFalls. 

Homegrown Revolution is our little 15 minute in home/home made “infomercial” about our urban homestead shot, edited by us.

HOMEGROWN Documentary by Robert Mcalls is NOT yet available on DVD  (still no word from McFalls when it will be available to the public)

Homegrown Revolution by Dervaes family is available to purchase on DVD (at private, educational and public screening rates) and is also screening in cities throughout the USA and world (the latest being Rodos Greece!)  Not to mention the DVD is now available at the Arroyo Parkway Pasadena WHOLE FOODS!

Got it?  Good.


  1. Lisa says:

    I have been reading your site for about a year now and it is beautiful what your family does. There is much garden envy going on here:)

    I do have a request, and I know that you guys are super busy, but could you maybe find time to write about some of the things you do in more detail. Recipes, how you make your tinctures, holistic medicine, etc.

    Perhaps you do this on another site that I have missed, but I, and I’m sure others would loooove, more detailed posts.

    If you could post more about the solar shower too, I have been trying to check yours and many other online out but often just find one or two pics with no instruction. I am going to try to get my DH to build one but can’t seem to find decent instructions and info.

    I don’t mean to rant and rave. I really love reading what you write everyday and I think ya’ll are wonderful for what you’re doing. Thanks!

  2. Rosie says:

    I just missed a screening of the documentary in Edinburgh (Scotland!)… shame, but the advert pointed me in your direction and I foresee many hours of happy reading as I wander about in your website – looks great, and I’m grateful for all the effort you have all put in to sharing your knowledge and experience. Thank you!

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