Snapshots from the backyard

Here are the latest photos from the backyard right after the rain storm yesterday.   You can see the new rock bed, lodge pole trellis, solar shower, one of our many composters, tomatoes, raised beds and entrance to our outdoor eating area and animal enclosure.

Jordanne is working on thephoto gallery so you will be able to view larger photos. We know that the photo gallery isn’t compatible with those of you who are using the FireFox browser. While she is working on the new template and such we aren’t unable to add any new photos so that explains why there haven’t been any new photos posted in quite some time. She is hoping to have the update photo gallery published either by the end of this week or early next.

Jules and Jordanne have finished a 6 minute video short that was shown on Sunday night. It was hurriedly put together so we forgot to feature a few things, hopefully Jordanne will post it on the site soon so you all can view it too. This is our first attempt toward the making of our own video since we feel, at this point, this path will be easier than writing a book right now.

What is that bright shinning object in the sky? Today we experienced our first sunrise in about 2 weeks! Temperatures are expected to rise mid week reaching highs near 90’s in the valley.

Concrete flower

To highlight the two 10 foot wide concrete flowers in front of the garage, which we jack hammered out of the slab ofconcrete last fall/winter ,– (scroll down to the Dec 15th post) we put rocks set in with decomposed granite.


It’s official PTF has finally got hip, techno savvy and now has a new gadget — a ‘Blackberry‘    Don’t worry, we haven’t abandoned our simple living values. Even though the official registered name of the black goat is ‘Pixie Dust’ it was time we gave her a nickname. We settled on ‘Blackberry.’

The white one’s official name is Ceolan, a (Celtic?) name meaning “Little Singer,” pronounced Keol-awn (named by Emily ofCladdagh Farms )   However, we gals have always loved the name ‘Fairlight‘ partially due to the classicChristy‘ novel by Catherine Marshall (a copy of which is on our shelf which we have read and re-read) that was made to a short lived (unfortunately)TV series.   In the series Fairlight Spencer was played by Tess Harper and we are very fond of her character(as well as Kellie Martin (Christy Huddleston) and Tyne Daly (Miss Alice) – gentle and sweet and so is our goat.

I dreamed of adventure. I wasn’t ready for the real challenges of life in these mountains. I’d have given up, if not for the children. I came to Cutter Gap to teach but they show me everyday that I’m here to learn. ~ spoken by Christy Huddleston ~


The goats just got their first school engagement to a local progressive Pasadena school (June 1st)! This should be be learning experience for us, the goats and the school kids. PTF will be visiting the school and doing a few gardening activities with the children and will be bringing the goats along.

A friend, fellow homesteader, and her kids dropped by the homestead to spend time with the goats. (Jamie, if you are reading this, LMK if/when you post the photos on your journal) Jamie’s daughter really took to the goats, helping Jordanne train them, walking in the yard and even venturing out onto the sidewalk. The goats were a little spooked by the cars, but did well considering the new environment.   It was a fun few hours.

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  1. emily says:

    I love the names! They really fit both. Fairlight’s mother, Meg, is turning out to be our star milker this year. She has incredible capacity! One evening I got almost 2 quarts from her! This is unusual for her, but impressive nonetheless. Usually, I can expect a hefty quart from her. Hope you get to milk Fairlight, she should be awesome!

  2. dragonfly183 says:

    That picture of your back yard looks so amazing. Its unbelievable that you can fit so much into a space that size. I have lots of acerage but very little thats in full sun. I planted an ice big veggies garden this year and once the trees filled out realize they cover a lot more ground than they used to and my new garden won’t get enough sun to produce veggies. I can’t decide what to do, cut down the trees or look for another spot to plant my garden

  3. Rebecca says:

    The pictures are beautiful!! Thank you so much for all the wonderful things I have learned through you!

  4. Heather says:

    First thanks for the link for the clay pot watering system.
    Also I wanted to add as a funny side note… I dreamt about your family last night (or at least what I think you all look like. LOL) We went on a road trip and stayed in a hostel in New York. LOL

    Heather in Tucson

  5. Anais says:

    Hi Heather,

    Glad you found the clay pot watering system helpful.

    Oh my, another dream about our family. You aren’t the only one who’s dreamt about meeting our family.

    You now can see what we look like since I have posted a picture of our family on the journal (top right side column)

    Sounded like a fun dream – love road trips. 😉

  6. Anais says:

    Hi Dragonfly

    We can understand your predictment since one time our place had quite a few large trees. Fortunately for us, nature took them out – wind storms.

    It’s a tough to decide – having shade or having sun for production.

    Perhaps consider replacing your trees with dwarf fruit trees. This way you’ll have a bit of shade, more sun for vegetable production and fresh fruit to boot.

    Or if you have another sunny spot for your garden you may have to move — that way you’ll keep both your shade trees and have your garden at the same time.

    Choices, choices, choices. Good luck.