We hear so much these days for us to “think outside the box.” But then what? Jules has for years come to a conclusion that it’s time for us to “act outside the box.” Thinking outside the box is one step, but now it’s time for our to put our thoughts into action.   It’s not going to be easy and, honestly, it’s a scary path once you start acting on your convictions.

Reliance on anything will make you vulnerable and we are determined as the years go by to lessen our dependence on unnecessary energy sources and other ties to the system.

Sol Muy Bien

What a lovely sunny day today is and the sun is expected to stay for few days. Always love the feeling after a huge rainstorm– the air is crisp and fresh smelling. We are pretty happy about our decision to transplant the banana from behind the garage. Since moving them we doubled our solar production!

Damage Assessments

Damage from the recent storm, besides a few blown down plants, includes the cob oven. So instead of baking in this week, it will be needing a touch up in places – pretty bummed out about that. Even though the oven was covered in tarp, somehow rain got in and wore away the finish coating of plaster. Now it will be a challenge to recoat a harden surface.  I’ve been so busy and always thought I could get around to it, but am hitting myself for not forcing myself to find time to put boiled linseed oil over the final coat. Perhaps that would have helped – I dunno.  A cover would have helped, but with rain swirling and coming in sideways I don’t think the copper leaf cover that Ray built would even have helped if we had gotten it put up. I think we may have to reconsider to a more practical covering for the oven that will protect it from wind driven, sideways rain and not just light sprinkles.

Tear down those walls!

New Loo

Thecomposting toilet arrived yesterday. The three boxes now are stored in the dining room while the guys fix up the back “1/2” bathroom. They’ve busted out a storage closet that was adjacent to the toilet to expand the bathroom to include a sink that will drain into a gray water area right outside the wall. The addition of a sink will be great, especially when we have events – no more having people wash hands in the kitchen sink.   With the bathroom renovation, garden shed, improved solar shower and other projects all going on at once, we realize we can’t do it all ourselves. Well, then again, we could but it may be a whole year before the projects are completed. So, we are hiring a friend to help us with the work and hopefully, with his help, the projects will be completed a little faster.

Hatching Chickens

We may have an opportunity to acquire, thru bartering, a brand new incubator! That’s the first, easy step.   Now Jordanne is going to have to choose which type of chicken we are going to hatch this year. She is looking into heirloom breeds that have been “untouched” and narrowed it down to a few choices. The choices, they all sound wonderful!   These are the times you certainly wished you had a wee bit more land to be able to raise a few more variety of chickens.

It would be great to get an incubator that way we can hatch a few chickens (or ducks) I know there are a few people who would like to get a few Khaki Campbell ducks.   Perhaps we can have a small hatching business?  But before we get all excited about the possibly, there is one huge drawback. What to do eggs that hatch which are male? Can’t just throw them away like some farms do — grinding them up alive (yes, this is a true horrible fact of the egg and chicken industry).   We city folk don’t have room for male animals, especially chickens. If you have a small place, then people would want the females because they are the ones that give the eggs. Males are useless unless you want fertile eggs or duck l’orange or roast chicken.

For us and our replenishing our citified chickens, we are hoping that only a few males will hatch and then we will have the task of finding them a good home in the country somewhere but having to find homes for any more would be a hard deal.

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  1. nulinegvgv says:


    I’ve had luck giving away my city roosters on freecycle.


    You’ll want to be sure that the recipients have only the best intentions for the roosters but a quick trip to their potiential home has always done that for me.

  2. athenesc says:

    You could always market them to vegan gardeners who would like the benefits of pest control and manure from chickens but don’t want the eggs.

  3. gerry medland says:

    Great news about the incubator!I know from a fellow traveller that her incubator hatching successes can be erratic,I thoroughly endorse the comments already posted,there is always an answer!,to any challenge,Can we make ‘ACT’ a PTF watchword for 2006!?Wishing you all continued good progress and success,it is a truly remarkable undertaking that you have furnished for us all!
    many thanks and blessings

  4. Anais says:

    Hi folks

    Thanks for your comments and suggestions. We operate the LA Freecycle group so that could work, but find that with the codes in the Los Angeles area roosters aren’t welcome. If only roosters didn’t crow. Male ducks are not a problem to give away and gardeners would love them and the male ducks are actually quieter than the females!

    We are definitely sticklers for finding good homes for any animals that we have to find a home for — Jordanne (aka Ms Doolittle) sees to that.

  5. green LA girl says:

    Hye Anais — I have a friend interested in getting a composting toilet, but is overwhelmed in terms of trying to figure out how one might be installed, etc. The envirolet site isn’t so good about giving detailed info re: real life installation. Any way you could give us info to contact the peeps that’re helping you install yours? My email: greenlagirl at gmail dot com —

  6. Jason says:

    How was your composting toilet delivered? Was it by UPS or Fedex, or was it by a trucking Co? I’m looking into the same kind you all bought, and just wondering how it’s delivered.


    I look forward to hearing about how your installation goes.

  7. shannon says:

    my local feed store has taken my roosters off my hands with no fuss! maybe that would work for you.


  8. thriftwizard says:

    Re breeds: can you get Hamburghs or Old English Pheasant Fowl in the States? Stunning birds to look at, excellent layers of pearly white eggs, and reputed to be descended from the birds that travelled the world with the Vikings.

  9. Anais says:

    In lieu of complications the installation of the compost toilet is on hold for now. 🙁