In 2001, we decided to keep track of our journey by weighing the harvest and calculating our energy and water usage. Putting the numbers on paper shocked and inspired us (especially the harvest weigh in) because we actually saw our progress and conservation efforts in black & white.

Note: Stats (below) were last updated in 2010.

With 7,000lbs harvested…90% of our vegetarian diet comes from the garden so we eat on almost $2.00 per day per person.

Beginning in 2010, our work started to grow beyond our family’s immediate needs. It became a workshop space, cottage and home business, community hang-out and local host to fundraising farm to table dinners.

While we still conserve and live “simply,” the increase usage of utilities consumed by visitors and the community caused the numbers to no longer reflect just our own personal lifestyle.

Therefore, some of the facts and stats listed below contain no updated data. The homestead life evolves; and we grow along with it.



Pasadena, CA – one mile from downtown Pasadena 100 yards from an 11 lane freeway


Property Size

1/5 acre (66′ x 132′ / 8,712 sq.ft.)

Garden Size

~ 1/10 acre (3,900 sq.ft. / ~ 66′ x 66′)


Garden Diversity

~ 400 different vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries


Food Production

~ 6,000 lbs annually / 90% of our produce needs / $75,000 savings


Harvest Breakdown

60% Consumed / 30% Sold / 10% Animal Feed


Water Usage

~ $600 / 175,000 gallons a year


Energy Usage

$12 a month / 6.0 kwh day

Solar Power Produced

12,410 kwh as of 5/12/10

Gallons of Biodiesel Made

5,000 gallons as of 5/12/08