Blackberry in a basket …

La la la la .... not paying attention!

What did you first think when seeing this photo? Has Blackberry been a bad girlie-goat and is in a “time out” or is this her preferred view of the world?

Talk to the hoof 'cuz Blackberry ain't a' listenin'!

Hi Blackberry! What’s that you say? You’re overwhelmed? Too much killing, hate, economic troubles, famine and war? And maybe if you don’t see the world, it doesn’t see you? Well, those are my thoughts exactly. Sometimes, it all just gets too TOO MUCH.

Say, Blackberry… can I join you?

(After her breakfast, morning exercise, belly-scratches and general all around lovin’,  Blackberry has made it a habit to find a corner to stick her face into where she’ll spend the rest of the day contemplating her role in the universe and the meaning of her existence.)


  1. Jill Pittman says:

    Blackberry, I know just how you feel. You sure look cute in you recycling basket, though.

  2. Florence says:

    Me too, Blackberry!!

  3. Mitzy says:

    Hey, that is exactly what I do!

  4. Rose says:


  5. Susan says:

    Like Greta Garbo, “I vant to be alone!”

  6. TechChik says:

    My cat does something similar. If I’m sitting still for more than five minutes, he’ll crawl into my lap and bury his head under my arm.

  7. Michael Hannah says:

    I thought my recycling bin went off somewhere in that last storm. I think your goat is a thief! 🙂

  8. Kris says:

    Blackberry is SOOO cute! I just love the pictures of your animals … they have such great personalities!

  9. Chris Van Hooft says:

    These photos are just too precious. Thanks Jordanne for all of the info on goats. I never had been around any and didn’t realize what special personalities they have. The farm I visit every Friday has a white goat that has taken a shine to me and is a real character. She’s very independent, likes to have the run of the place and is constantly curious about all of the “goings on”. It’s all about her! She likes to hang out where ever the cows are and take her afternoon nap next to one of them. Thanks for the Goat Personality 101 Class 🙂

  10. Christina Mead says:

    Hello! This is my first time posting. I’m not even sure what a “blog” is (embarrassed). I do however love your site and have hundreds of questions! My husband and I are trying so hard to become more independant. Unfortunately we grew enough beans to feed the whole neighborhood, but lost quite a bit attempting to can them (very sad). We grew quite a few yellow squash and zuchinni last year, but they were destroyed in my freezer (again we were mortified!). We have been reading so many books and reviewing so many websites on canning, we’re going crazy! Any down to earth advice would be great!

    • martin johnstone, outer hebrides says:

      Christina, i don’t know if anyone has replied to you with ‘Useful advice’yet? My wife and i grew a handful of peas this year, and there’s not much chance of growing any type of squash in the Outer Hebrides. I can give you advice related not just to canning – just keep at it and don’t give up. Everybody, and i mean everybody, makes mistakes, that’s just life. It’s fairly likely that most of us will not achieve ‘full independence’ in sustainability, but we should definitely keep trying. I’m certain our efforts will make a huge difference to everybodys lives.
      Good luck finding more practical advice for your specific problems. 🙂

  11. Sue says:

    Blackberry! So adorable! We should all have our own recycling bin to escape to!!!

  12. dr. braulio lopez says:

    my experience with the gardening culture is low, i want you, helpme about it, sorry i from dominican republic, i want to denvelop small place in my house

  13. Michelle says:

    LOVE the pics(and their captions) – I didn’t know that goats could be recycled :-)lol

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