Breaking New Ground – Radical change taking root here and now in our own backyard

As the opening day for Eveoke’s RISE docu dance draws near, a review fromSan Diego Tribune

Choreographer’s Note (from RISE Playbill)
Perhaps the most promising wisdom-treasure I accepted onour Rise journey was the understanding that no real progresswould ever be made without changing our individual andcommunity lifestyles. And yet, I feel we are lied to everydayby the media in this regard. On Al Gore’s Live Earth, CameronDiaz preached: “…any little thing you can do, that FITS intoyour lifestyle, will help us save the earth.”

The possibility of saving our earth is grim at best, but one thingis for sure: without changing our individual and communitylifestyles, we can expect the demise of our entire food chain,our web of life. I think of the Earth’s children and what weadults have done to jeopardize their potential and future, howwe have gorged ourselves on the world’s natural resources andcreated so much waste. And, so, it was with great relief thatI came to appreciate and understand the magnitude of JulesDervaes’ statement, “A step backward is progress.”

Path to Freedom asks: “Are we coming or aren’t we? I knowI am, are you?”

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