Hey, everyone…

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Wow, I can’t  believe a year has come and gone, and a new one’s already started.

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a few days.  My computer (finally) gave up the ghost so I’ve been without a computer and my files for couple days – which include draft posts and pictures.

Even though I have a new computer I still have yet to transfer all my files over. It’s a bit nerve wracking not to have files at my fingertips; however, ’tis a good time as any for a computer to die because we, thankfully, got a good deal with the holiday sales.

So, I start the year off with a brand new computer…. without the clutter.  Sweet!

With 2013 underway, here on the blog (which, btw, is going on it’s 12th year! ), I always like the chance to reflect back on the last year.  So much has happened this year, especially in the last few months, that I have been unable to blog regularly like I used to.  But it has been for a very good reason.  Sometimes “action” has more of an effect on lives than just writing about things because actions are like a living book for others to read.

2012 was a  mixed year – twas a good year and a hard year.  The wacky weather kept us and our garden guessing just what season we were in.  Some crops came in gangbusters while others were slightly under mediocre.

Through good times and hard times we grew through these experiences.  Our family was blessed with happenings and generous gifts that we didn’t expect (thank you for those!).   Of course, there were plenty of times we wanted to throw in the towel and give up.   Some things worked out, others didn’t, and some (still) remain unfinished.   Keeping all the plates spinning certainly was an invigorating and somewhat tiring challenge.

A (very) brief recap:  Along with the regular filming and interview opportunities, we sowed  many new ventures this year which are now beginning to reap a lot of fruit.  Thanks to the Cottage Food Bill, our business is expanding. We have also gotten invitations from third world countries with offers of land.  Also, many of you have written and asked for us to come visit you.  Thank you, dear Readers, for your kind invitations and letters of support.  We do read each and every email and I have a lot in my draft folder to respond to.  Please be patient as I carve out sufficient time to properly respond to your invites and questions.  Your support and words of encouragement mean the world to us.

Not only is the self-sufficiency aspect of sustainable city living in demand, our other new venue of bringing “Mayberry Entertainment a la Andy Griffith style” to the community for social gatherings and hootenannies is a big hit and much in demand, so much so, that there is an amazing opportunity opening up to further this aspect of our outreach nationally and internationally.  Every week new people, as well as the regulars, show up and are transported to a different time and place.  New friendships are being made and, this may sound a little unreal, but people are changing for the better through this outreach! I can’t tell you how many people comment on the positive “vibes” that are here so we definitely want to TRY and  cultivate this positive energy.

In fact, it’s been on our minds for months now to perhaps put on a radio/podcast show. We can spin homegrown music and homegrown living together – “Prairie Home Companion” style. Maybe 2013 is the year? I don’t know what God has in store for us but we are holding many seeds in our hands and need to scatter them and see what grows.

So, stay tuned–2013 is starting to look like a wonderful opportunity for us to begin our next phase of our outreach, God willing.

Wishing everyone a healthful, happy and blessed 2013!

Oh, and don’t forget to celebrate a new year with us,  order your 2013 Calendars – there are only a few left!

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  1. Mitzy says:

    Things sound so exciting! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. Peter says:

    Isn’t kinda nice to have the computer bite the dust (at least for a little while). Forces us to live a little simpler for a little while anyway. Very excited to see the new changes in the site!

  3. Sarah says:

    Happy New Year! Miss reading about the farm, for those of us far from Pasadena the music is a neat idea, but not very interesting when that is all we hear about lately.

    I am curious how your neighbors feel about the concerts? Did you have to get special zoning/ licenses?

    Best wishes to all at the Homestead!

  4. Paul says:

    I really enjoyed the video on YouTube, Homegrown Revolution (Award winning short-film 2009)- The Urban Homestead [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IbODJiEM5A] the link from which brought me here.

    I must tell you that many of the links, including the first one in the information field on YouTube, are not working and it took me a lot of effort to actually get onto the domain.

    Your stories are truly inspirational and I am amazed at how much has been achieved on such a small bit of land.


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