A New Chapter


80 foot pecan tree before… after … new beginnings!

If you live in the city and garden, you are well aware that city gardening/farming is a bit more challenging as one has to do with the close proximity of neighbors … and their trees.   Who doesn’t love trees but sometimes that majestic tree turns into a nuisance when it steals your sun.  Sun that you need to grow those heirloom tomatoes or summer squashes.   One such tree dominated a corner of our yard and over the last 10 years has been slowing stealing our sun hours and it grew into a towering 80 foot monster. 

The deciduous pecan tree was also becoming more of a nuisance to the homeowner who finally had it taken out.    Come summer growing season, we’ll get at least 5 hours of  extra (north/west) sunlight.  It’s as if we have a new yard and we haven’t even moved!   

The shadows have all but disappeared from the back garden, leaving us with a new sense of anticipation for this growing season.   And if, we can just get some much needed rain (this February was the hottest and driest on record)   We are praying for a “March Miracle”to quench this thirsty land. 





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