Indian Cooking: Dal & Naan

Price & Details: $75 includes the prepared dals and flatbreads to eat after prepared in class. Reserve early & save $5. Children under 12 can attend free with parent.

Instructor: Payal Shah, Baker, Nutmeg Granola

Take Home: Please come hungry to be able to eat the various dals and flatbreads prepared in the class. Naan dough, ready to be cooked or baked in the oven.

Bring: your appetite and a container to carry back the naan dough home

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Indian Dals and Flatbreads

Dals, flatbreads, spiced vegetables and fluffy rice are the staple components of traditional Indian diet. There are so many lentils to choose from that it is hard to decide where to start. For each whole legume variety, there is the split variation that also include the hulled and unhulled version. This class will provide a foundations on the basic dals starting with the basic yellow tuvar dal (or split pigeon peas). It will also incorporate cooking with whole urad dal as found in the popular recipe of Dal Makhani. Each region in India has their preference in preparing the lentil with the north preferring the creamier version to the south using the coconut milk as the cream base.  This class will provide introduction to several popular methods to dal preparations.

Like dals, there are numerous varieties of different flatbread available – ranging from deep-fried, to the ones baked in the tandoor oven and to the more common ones cooked daily on the griddle. This class with provide an introduction to Indian flatbreads that are cooked on the griddle which include the basic roti or chapatti. It will present a buttery, flaky variation with the parathas and an introduction to making the yeasted bread which is the coveted naan or tandoor bread. Traditionally cooked in the tandoor oven, this bread can also be prepared on a stovetop for just as if not more satisfactory results.

Instructor Bio: Payal has been baking for the past 8 years. Payal ran a small-batch granola company specializing in seasonal and local ingredients. Payal recently moved to Charleston, but still maintains the connection of having friends and family in Pasadena, CA which brings her back to visit often. Charleston has provided Payal the opportunity to cook more for herself and she found that adopting and exploring Indian cooking techniques is a great way to make vegetarian dishes that dazzle on their own. She found the world of Indian dals and flatbreads to be equally fascinating and satisfying. She would like to share some of the joy in preparing these basic and nourishing dishes with her much loved Pasadena community.

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