Foraged Foods: Nettles – Mar 17 (1-4pm)

WHEN: Sunday, March 17 (1-4pm)
COST: $65   Children under 12 can attend free with parent
BRING:  Gloves.  Also, make sure to wear suitable clothing, preferabably long sleeves!
TAKE HOME: A jar of pesto, handout and recipe


Join us for a lovely walk to forage Stinging Nettles, learn about their nutritious value and make a delicious pesto.

After the walk and preparation, we’ll enjoy the nettle pesto on crackers made with acorn flour and a wild crafted beverage

About the Instructors

Rohan Guyot-Sutherland has over 10 years experience managing sustainable projects around the world. He has always been passionate to learn new customs and practices wherever he goes, especially regarding food and healthy living. He is always eager to experiment, develop his own techniques and share his findings with people of all horizons.

Anais Dervaes is a country girl at heart and throwback to another era. She’s an apron-wearing barefootin’ dynamo who never shrinks from a challenge. She’s passionate about food and has always loved to cook and bake. Over the years she has honed her kitchen skills to the point where she can prepare food with maximum efficiency. Feed 40 people? – no problem! She enjoys gardening and cooking from scratch – developing tasty farm to table soups and dishes from the homestead’s kitchen.


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