Fermented Foods – March 27 (7-9pm)


Wednesday, March 27 (7-9pm)
Instructors: Anais Dervaes & Rohan Guyot-Sutherland
Price: 655 person, children under 12 can attend free with parent
Make & Take Home: 1 jar fermented berries + 1 jar fermented veggies + handout with recipes

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Learn the basics of fermenting vegetables and fruits into nutritional powerhouses that nourish body, help heal the gut, ease digestive concerns and boost your immune system.

Our digestive system is home to a complex diversity of living microorganisms Fermented foods aid & nurture the health of these internal microorganisms that influence our own health; from aiding digestion, to clearing skin, to boosting our energy.

Fermented foods have been a part of every ancient culture throughout history. The earliest record of fermentation dates back as far as 6000 B.C. in the Fertile Crescent—and nearly every civilization since has included at least one fermented food in its culinary heritage. From Korean kimchi and Indian chutneys to the ubiquitous sauerkraut, yogurt and cheese, global cultures have crafted unique flavors and traditions around fermentation.

Adding fermented foods to your diet is easy and, if you make them yourself, very affordable. A serving of cultured food can contain 10s of trillions of probiotics! That is equal to an entire jar of an expensive over the counter probiotic capsules!

About the Instructors

Rohan Guyot-Sutherland has over 10 years experience managing sustainable projects around the world. He has always been passionate to learn new customs and practices wherever he goes, especially regarding food and healthy living. He is always eager to experiment, develop his own techniques and share his findings with people of all horizons.

Anais Dervaes is a country girl at heart and throwback to another era. She’s an apron-wearing barefootin’ dynamo who never shrinks from a challenge. She’s passionate about food and has always loved to cook and bake. Over the years she has honed her kitchen skills to the point where she can prepare food with maximum efficiency. Feed 40 people? – no problem! She enjoys gardening and cooking from scratch – developing tasty farm to table soups and dishes from the homestead’s kitchen.


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