Chinese Tonic Herbs for Health – Nov 11

Sunday, November 11 (2-4pm)

Price & Details: $50  Children 12 and under can attend FREE with parent.  
Instructor: Christina Chan
Reservation:  Spaces are limited  Get your Tickets on EVENTBRITE  Questions?  Email  Text/Call 626-765-5704

Ginseng, Reishi, and More: Chinese Tonic Herbs for a Healthy Long Life! Prepare for 2019 as a year of longevity with powerful Chinese herbs! The Chinese consumed these potent herbs on a daily basis for thousands of years to rejuvenate the body by:
– giving us more energy
– promoting the integrity of our body organs and systems
– helping us shed unwanted pounds
– beautifying the skin and hair
– supporting us through times of stress
– boosting our immune system so we aren’t sick as often
We will discuss and taste the following super stars of the tonic herbs: Reishi, Ginseng, He Shou Wu, Astragalus, Schizandra, Eleuthro, and Eucommia.
Please bring a notebook to jot down notes.


Christina completed her First Year Apprenticeship at the Gaia School of Herbal Education in Malibu, CA. She is a holistic healer specializing in herbs, massage, essential oils, and other natural healing modalities. Christina enjoys sharing her passion of the natural world with her community.


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