Biblical agrarian principles

Q. Hello! I hope you can take a few minutes to answer my question about your website. On the “about us” section of the Path to Freedom website, the following text appears: “We also try to follow agrarian principles outlined in the Bible and tithe ten percent of our increase.

What are the “agrarian principles,” and where in the Bible can they be found? I have been becoming more and more interested in living a simpler, sustainable life over the past few years. There are many reasons, including recent talk over the internet of the Peak Oil crisis, as well as personal beliefs regarding the importance of nurturing one’s soul and relationships rather than accumulating material possessions. I have also recently joined a Christian church, and am learning so much. Due to all of this, your entire website is very interesting, especially the idea that this sort of lifestyle is connected to the Bible.

Could you please tell me a little more about the spiritual/religious side of all this?

Thank you very much; I appreciate your time in reading my e-mail to you.


A. Regarding your question about the “agrarian principles:”

The entire Old Testament deals with an agrarian society and the lifestyle God instituted for man. Specifically, here are some references to support our statement.

Genesis 2:15 states a purpose for man being put in the Garden–“to dress and keep it.” — stewards

Deut.24:19-22 –gleaning
Deut.18:4.& Deut. 26 –tithing
Lev, 25 — deals with the land Sabbaths
Lev.19:19 and 23 — mixing seed and land use

We tithe 10% and return “first fruits” back to the earth.

Also, in the New Testament Jesus parables are told using the agrarian terms.

Mustard Seed
Fig Tree

Becoming in tune with the land, we believe we become one with ourselves and our creator. We still have a ways to go on our spiritual journey.

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