Retirement; health insurance

Q: Do you have a different philosophy about retirement now that you are working towards self-sufficiency?

A: We don’t believe the modern form of “retirement.” My father has told us that he will never retire from the job that he was put here to do – stewardship. Even as one gets older, he feels that one can still be useful on the homestead, still working in some ways while passing along wisdom and information to the next generation.

Q: The other question is about health insurance. Do you have it?

A: We don’t have health insurance. It’s a matter of what your personal beliefs are.

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  1. Slappy McPhee says:

    I love your homestead but no health insurance, that’s a fool’s bet. I see people come through the hospital I work at everyday with no insurance and it is sad. They have to mortgage homesteads in order to treat their cancer.

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