Single parent and cohousing option

Q.Thank you for your wonderful website. It was passed along to me on an online thread discussing peak oil. I was so tickled to see one of the amazing Craftsman homes from near my home town (born and raised in Arcadia, owned my own Craftsman home in Monrovia before moving to the Seattle area), not to mention your incredible garden and all of the great online resources.

A few things on your site lead me to believe you are a family of practicing Christians? Do I have that correctly? I am as well, and sometimes struggle with “fitting in” in either world (environmentally concerned and Believer).

Anyway, I am contacting you to see if you know of some good resources to help me conduct a plan or strategy for myself and my young child. My husband left us a couple of years ago, claiming God had told him to (scratching head here . . .) and we have basically lost most everything. I am still a stay at home mother, trying to survive on very little, living in transitional housing.

I have a ton of debt that I need to plod through, and my credit is shot. We had to sell our home, which was in foreclosure. So, now I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to take our little family on the best path possible, keeping in mind the global, economic, and environmental changes that are coming.

I’m trying to fight the panic I’m feeling inside that I should make as much money as possible as quickly as possible so I can somehow fix my credit and purchase a home with some land around it. Housing here in the Seattle area rivals the Pasadena area for being incredibly expensive now, but there are USDA home purchasing programs in more outlying areas. But I’m also doubtful that I can be the sole income earner, do all of the physical labor involved in raising our own food, and still see my child and get to spend time with her.

With that bit of my rambling on my situation, are there any websites or other resources you can think of that might help me figure out what to do?


A. We are followers of the Bible – Old and New Testament. We are striving to do our best as stewards of the Creator’s planet.

We are extremely sorry to hear of your hardship. You are certainly strong to be blazing this path yourself with a small child. It’s extremely difficult for anyone to afford houses these days, let along make living and becoming self-sufficient. This modern world is not conducive to a sustainable lifestyle. One needs money to fund such sustainable endeavors.

Have you looked into the possibility of co-housing? If you find a compatible community, there will be an “extended family” to help with certain tasks, etc.

This website has a listing of communities and co-housing possibilities at[state_prov]=Washington

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