Container gardening soil

Q. Would you please describe the planting medium you use for container vines and vegetables?

A. For our soil medium, we use our own soil/compost from the chicken coop area. We are fortunate that we don’t have to purchase bagged soil now that we can produce enough from the garden waste. The animals do a fine job at reducing the waste into soil quite fast and the animal enclosure is rich in micro organisms so the green waste that we pile there is reduced into soil in a matter of weeks. We have so much soil from the continuous mulching and composting, that we are 1 foot higher in some places.

For pots; we occasionally add peat, perlite and horse manure. However, we are slowly doing away with our homemade, self watering pots once we tear out the concrete area and replace it with beds. The vines are temporarily in pots until we are able to put them in the ground.

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