Forest garden concept

Q. What you all are doing is amazing and right along my path of thinking. A link to your site was posted on also known as OHG for short.

OHG has 4000+ members and was started to share information and knowledge.

Now my question is – Are you doing a 7 level Forest Garden as described by Robert Hart in his book – “Forest Gardening, Cultivating an Edible Landscape” and also mentioned in Toby Hemenway’s book – “Gaia’s Garden, A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture”?

From these two books I have learned it is possible to grow the “equivalent of 15 tons of food per acre” in 400 square feet by growing vertically using the Forest Garden concept..


A. As for your question: Our garden does have many layers of different edibles growing in one square foot so I guess you could say we “forest garden.” We have heard of the term but haven’t read either of those books — or any books, for that matter, on the subject. My father learned gardening methods and designs from his father’s garden plus my father added some of his own new tricks to maximize the space.

We are harvesting 6,000 lbs (organically) from a 1/10 acre so that comes to 60,000 lbs an acre (20 tons). What’s amazing is that our fruit trees are still immature and we feel that the yard still could yield more potential pounds. Each year we get better and wiser and there are still a few “problem spots” we still have yet to come up with something that will produce poundage. Also, we grow and sell a lot of edible flowers, and our front yard is primarily herbs with a few fruit, berries and veggies. If we were to grow more veggie crops instead, we could produce even more from our small lot.

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