Hard water and processing biodiesel

Q. I’m Gary. Just wanted to say that myself and my 2 teenage boys have just bought a processor to make biodiesel. (I got it from b100supply.com)

Question. I have very hard water at home. Would you recommend me purchasing a ‘Whole House’ water filter and attach it to the end of my hose and use that water to wash the biodiesel? I already have on of these I purchased at Wal-mart that came with a charcoal (black) 1 micron filter. I purchased 2 extra white 5 micron filters.

Should only use the black micron 1 filter to filter the water going in the 55 gallon drum to wash with AND use another one to filter the end result before I put it in the vehicle? Please let me know and thanks. I was wondering if the black charcoal filter would produce any black substance and would this be bad at first when I first start to use it?

A. We do wash our own biodiesel with hard water, dry the biodiesel, then filter the biodiesel with one white 5 micron filter before putting it in our vehicle. I don’t know for sure whether or not it makes a difference washing with hard water, so I recommend contacting Maria Alovert @ wrench@tinkersworkshop.org. Also, you can ask her about the charcoal filters.

Or look for the answer on her websites @

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