Biodiesel “recipe” for coconut oil – Sri Lanka

Q. Your website is wonderful it has so much of information on biodiesel, I’m a Sri Lankan and I was wondering could you convert coconut oil to run on biodiesel ? Is the process the same or are there slight modifications to the process. Introducing the concept of biodiesel to a country like ours would really be great cos currently we are in debt to many foreign countries due to fuel and this is a big money drainer.

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A.The process is the same, so it doesn’t matter what kind of oil you use. The only problem you may encounter in making biodiesel is finding/acquiring methanol – is it available and/or affordable in Sri Lanka? You need approx 1/5th of methanol per gallon or liter of oil to make biodiesel.

The basic “recipe” that we use to make 1 liter of biodiesel is as follows:

220 milliliters methanol mixed with
4 grams of lye (for virgin oil – more for used waste oil)

The above solution (sodium methoxide) is added to 1 liter of hot oil (heated to 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit) and mixed together and let settle.

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