Biodiesel “recipe” for coconut oil – Ghana

Q. I have just returned from a medical mission to Ghana West Africa. The orphanage I worked with currently has 64 children and will in January add 40 more. What I am looking for is what I need to generate coconut fuel to replace the diesel fuel.This could cut costs for running the home and also give the older boys a vocational training for their future. I have been able to find plenty of articles stating that this can be do just nothing telling me how. I have been asked to return to Ghana to setup and train the boys in the processing. If you have anything at all that could help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you, Dollie

A. One can make biodiesel using any type of oil, so coconut would definitely be feasible. The only problem you may encounter in making biodiesel is finding/acquiring methanol – is it available and/or affordable in Ghana? You need approx 1/5th of methanol per gallon or liter of oil to make

The basic “recipe” that we use to make 1 liter of biodiesel is as follows:

220 milliliters methanol mixed with
4 grams of lye (for virgin oil – more for used waste oil)

The above solution (sodium methoxide) is added to 1 liter of hot oil (heated to 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit) and mixed together and let settle.

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