Medical bills

Q. Your website is quite an inspiration. Since many of us are concerned, having paid off home and yard, that possible huge hospital or medical bills could wipe us out financially, how did you deal with this concern?

Chuck in Spokane

A. You asked about dealing with medical bills that could possibly wipe one out financially. This is indeed a serious and valid concern and any answers we may offer may not be suitable for other people. However, since you asked, this is how we have dealt with medical issues. Again, this is strictly based on our personal beliefs and is not for everyone.

For over 30 years my father has not had any medical insurance. Whenever there were illnesses (and we have dealt with a few serious ones) we have relied on natural remedies, believing that God is our healer and provider and has given us the natural means to deal with these issues as well as relying on Him to heal. We have been amazed, humanly speaking, how effective and even better than drugs natural remedies are and have been blessed with good health and no serious accidents — so far.

So, you can see for yourself that our answer to your question is not for everyone. It is something each person must deal with according to his own belief system.

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