Q. Question about Finances

Hope its not too personal! First off we have contacted you before just to say hi and how impressed we are with what you are doing. We live in England and rent 10 acres of land, we are in the process of starting a CSA Vegetable Box Scheme, it should begin next spring. We have a lot of plans.

We are also intending to set up as a not for profit organization, but the venture should provide two of us (later maybe 4!) with a living – so how have you gone about this – does the project pay you a living wage and any surplus is ploughed back in, or is it less formal than that? Do you just live on what’s left over after you funded the latest bright idea?

Anyway, congratulations on 6 years!


A. Our project, Path to Freedom, is solely and privately funded by us through profits primarily from our viable organic produce/edible flower and herb business (also our craft business and occasional odd jobs here and there).

We do not rely on grants or donations or make our living through giving paid tours of our urban homestead. It’s not always easy to have the necessary funds to put into all the different projects we want to accomplish without a steady source income.

We live very simply and frugally thus saving what limited income we receive to fund our latest sustainable venture(s). In addition, for the time being, we are using savings to finance a few high cost items such as a compost toilet and grey water filtration system. Once these major projects are completed we feel that our whole family can live comfortably on what income is produced from our garden.

In addition, it helps that we are able to do things ourselves (such as the website) and being handy around the house. Otherwise, we would have to pay someone else to do it and that we couldn’t afford. But this has its down side, since you can only do so much and the progress is slow — very slow at times.

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