Definition of “off grid” vs. “net metered”

Q. What’s the difference between off grid vs net metered?

A. Producing our power means having the potential to be more energy independent while still being able to use the grid for backup. With utility “net metering” we get a bill from the power company only once a year. This allows us to “run the meter backwards” during the summer, and then use that excess power we have accumulated for use in the evenings and at other times when the sun is not shining. Over the course of a year, all our production and usages are averaged. We pay only for the “net usage.” With grid-tied net metering we have the best of both worlds. These systems are more efficient and less expensive than systems that use batteries for backup power. However, remote property owners have found that it pays to be “off the grid” because of the savings resulting from the cost of land away from the grid are considerable.

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