Methods to cut electricity

Q. Besides replacing your appliances and the solar power, what other ways do you cut electricity?

A. Besides changing over the majority of our appliances and such (computer, tv, fridge, washer) over to Energy Efficient models, we do without all “unnecessary gadgets” such as hair dryers, electric shavers, blender (use a hand crank one), microwave, can openers, and so forth.

We don’t have a clothes dryer and dry all our clothes on a line. Also, no air conditioning or fans. It also helps that we have a gas stove and water heater.

In addition, we’ve installed energy efficient bulbs, limit light use during the day, turn off lights in unused rooms at night and use candles and oil lanterns often during
winter months.

Furthermore, if we do watch TV it’s limited for certain shows or rented videos.

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