Lawn alternatives

Q. I saw the article in the Times a few weeks back and I have a huge backyard that requires too much water. I once read about synthetic lawns that some cities are installing for free as a test market and a way to save water. I care deeply about our environment, compost and conserve water and electricity on a regular basis. Can you help me?

A. We’ve heard some of synthetic lawns, mostly in the Los Vegas area. We don’t have experience with them, so I don’t know if they are the best option.

We have a pathway running through the frontyard which is grass. We didn’t want grass, but we had rescued some sod from the dumpster of a movie set so we planted that pathway. It stayed like that for years, but it takes a lot of care. Recently, we ripped it out and planted it with wild grasses, i.e, buffalo grass, etc.

We’re going to see how that works for us.

Seed catalogs like Peaceful Valley ( have alternative options for lawns.

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