Website technical notes

Q. Hi, I have enjoyed your website. I was wondering what software you used to make your website? I really like what you did with it. I am a student of web development and would love it if you could give me some idea on what you did to make your website.

A. Thank you for your email and for your compliments regarding our website. I was forwarded your message, as I am the one primarily involved in the technical creation of our websites.

What I learned was self-taught. I began in 1998 at age 15. I did not attend any classes and learned by “dissecting” other websites and reading code. My first projects were created on WYSIWYG geocities builder. I then graduated to Microsoft FrontPage but soon progressed beyond that.

Since 2001 most of the code is “hand-coded” but the building of the website is done through Dreamweaver simply for its filing capabilities. The layout and design is planned through Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator for visual adjustment. From there, I set the final design, slice it and the code the graphics into the layout I hand-coded through CSS and tables. Finally it is uploaded through FTP.

Our websites are actually a family project. My father (Jules Dervaes) is an artist so he has an eye for layout and he and I work together on ideas for the design. My sister (Anais) likes working with color so she coordinates the colors. And she and I do the work of creating each of the pages after the template is set. We like to try to make it easily navigable – creating it in a way of how we would like to surf through a website.

Unfortunately, with many projects for me to do, a lot of the website is not finished, “jerry-rigged” or has mistakes. But sometimes I just temporarily do something while I handle other projects … or the many websites I need to get up! My latest one is at:

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