Biodiesel: a band-aid solution only

Q. Do you believe biodiesel is the solution to our oil crisis?

A. We are not advocates who believe that biodiesel is THE answer to our ceaseless consumption of petroleum. Just because we have a car that runs on biodiesel doesn’t mean that we drive more than before. (In fact, we are trying to drive less). The only ‘answer’ is that we consume too much energy and we need to reduce or eliminate our consumption. The fact of the matter is this: There is nowhere near enough vegetable oil in this country, new or used, to substitute for our ever growing petroleum addiction. Such solutions like biodiesel, solar panels, hybrid cars are, what Jules likes to refer to as”band-aid” solutions (only temporary). For example, is it green and sustainable to have a biodiesel powered HUMMER? Defeats the purpose….. How about an electric can opener, microwave (or even this pc!) powered by some sort of green energy? We need to look beyond these temporary solutions. As the world faces ever increasing danger based on its dysfunctional systems, there is a critical need to look ahead with a new vision which set eyes on forging a new path beyond permaculture, alternative fuels/energy and other so-called “green” trails.

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