Outdoor shower specs.

Q. I’ve been envying your outdoor shower for a couple of years now. I should just bite the bullet and try to build one of my own!

I was wondering, does the water heat up as it travels through the black hose or is it more of a case of letting the water warm up in the black hose for a while before you shower?

A. We got the shower piece from Target a few years back on clearance. We adapted a shed plan from a book from the library and re-used some scrap wood for the side. As for heating the water, the principle is quite simple. The black rubber hose is coiled on top of the shower structure for the sun to heat up. The hose/water heats up approx 2.5 gals of water at a time. It is possible to get several hot showers a day, if timed correctly.

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  1. Gill says:

    Do you use an electric pump or do you manually pump the water

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