City codes and farm animals

Q. Is it legal for you to keep “farm animals?”

A. We’ve been receiving a lot of email lately about keeping animals in the city.

Regarding animals in Pasadena, here’s the link to the city code/ordinance on keeping of animals:

Pasadena residents are legally allowed to keep certain fowl and goats; however, there are certain restrictions, of course. We are fortunate not to have any neighbors on 3 sides of our property – which is quite unusual.

We’ve had several city officials tour our place and not one of them voiced any concern over our animal situation. We basically consider our few “farm” animals pets and they are not raised for fighting or breeding purposes. They are not a public nuisance (no rooster helps) and the animal enclosure is properly maintained – cleaned every day (cleanliness is a MUST for citified animals)

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