Chicken and duck feed

Q. I want chickens, I’ve seen that your family doesn’t buy a lot of stuff so I’m assuming you make chicken/duck feed some how. How do you do it?

A. We feed the chickens primarily with greens from our garden; however, to be healthy and lay eggs and because of our restricted space, they do need chicken food as a supplement which contains needed grains (with more land you could probably grown enough grains for your animals). For that we are a part of a local co-op where we can get 50lbs of organic chicken and duck feed/grain for $15. This will last us a few months. We also supplement their diet with scraps from the kitchen – they love rice, spaghetti, fruits, beans, and even cheese.

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  1. Alida says:

    I just ordered 25 chicks and will try to maintain them. Since they are so small . I’m beg with the feed that the hatchery recommended. Anymore tips?

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