5 Myths about Path to Freedom

Top 5 Misconceptions

As we talk with people we find that there are a few things about us and this project that aren’t quite clear. So, I thought it would be a good idea to clear up such misinformation or preconceptions.

1. We are monetarily benefiting from all the publicity that the project is receiving.

Fact: Nope, in fact it’s just the opposite. We currently don’t make money from this site, nor do we have anything (right now) that we can sell as the result of the free publicity (a book or video). Unlike our produce & edible flower business (established in 1995 which gives us enough income to live comfortably and simply), PTF is unfortunately NOT paying for itself at this time.

Right now, we are working on ideas that would make PTF stand on its own two feet.

2. We’ve taken an accredited class or course.

Fact: No, we have NOT taken any accredited class or course: master gardening, permaculture, web design, video, biodiesel, etc.,etc. We just do it and are proud to be “uncertified” — no certificates, papers, or accreditations in these fields.

3. We are new to this path/way of life.

Fact: For over thirty years a common thread of simple living was part of the founder’s life. Path to Freedom was the result of his stewardship commitment and is just one step in a long journey.

4. PTF is a non profit organization.

Fact: Path to Freedom is family run and operated, not a non profit organization. On this urban homestead we try to stand on our own two feet, growing our own food and working with our hands.

The urban homestead project does not rely on grants, memberships, tour fees, income from lectures or speaking engagements or donations to support the work. In addition, PTF does not rely on the use of ads or advertising to support the maintenance and hosting of the site.

PTF does receive donations for film screenings, events and/or workshops (or from the occasional reader). Such contributions are a bonus which help defray the cost of the many outreach programs.

5. We are liberal/conservative/green/independent, etc

Fact: Non of the above. Unfortunately, society likes to “peg” people – pigeonholing them in this party/group or that. We do have our own views/beliefs; it’s about keeping an open mind and, to do that, we shouldn’t have to “label” ourselves.

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