“Recycled” insulation

Q. I appreciate the info on your roof saga! What kind of insulation are you doing? I’m thinking about that more and more for my house, since heat loss is undoubtedly one of the biggest expenses for the winter. I’m trying to reduce my footprint, but there are so many things to be done! Baby steps, baby steps…

A. Glad that you brought that up because we are proud of the fact that our house has “recycled” insulation! Many years back the City of Pasadena had a energy program where they would come out an insulate the attic — for FREE. Of course, with our “drafty ol” 1917 house which didn’t have a stitch of attic insulation we jumped at the chance. The City applied a natural CELLULOSE insulation in the attic. Cellulose is manufactured from recycled materials – like newspapers.

Thanks to the City of Pasadena, we have: recycled attic insulation, 12 solar panels, free fruit trees, two composters, energy star refrigerator, energy and water efficient clothes washer, efficient gas water heater, low flow toilets, and Energy Star compact fluorescent lightbulbs.


  1. c .schuurman says:

    I, too, am looking into adding insulation to our house. I have seen information about cellulose insulation, and I have read that they add chemicals (boron for one) to the recycled (news) paper in order to discourage animal pests and mould. Apparently this has made some people very sick. What have you learned about this?

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