Toilet cleaning ingredients

Q. We follow the mellow yellow method too and I try to remember to flush all toilets before bedtime but sometimes I forget and the toilet stains like crazy, especially in the summer (we are a household of 7). I use only natural cleaners and nothing seems to remove the stain from the very bottom of the toilet. what do you use to clean your toilets? I’ve tried the borax/vinegar bombs, baking soda/vinegar combo and oxyclean. nothing seems to work.

A. You are right, stains can certainly be a problem especially when there’s a lot of use and for those of use who live without AC – warm weather. So far, we haven’t really had a problem, and I use the same natural ingredients to freshen and clean the bowl. As a last resort have you tried non chlorinated bleach. Also, it may sound weird (but it works — I’ve seen it with my own eyes) a pumice stone. Works like magic.

I would suggest a preventive measure–perhaps have a little jar of white vinegar on hand to pour into the bowl after every use.

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