Staying healthy

Q. You also probably stay pretty healthy through your diet and active lifestyle, but do you do anything special to keep fit and energized? What do you do when suffering from a cold, etc?

A. Yes, we are and have been blessed with good health. Such physical work on the urban homestead keeps us all in great shape for the most part. In fact, the head construction operator who is overseeing the roof job and who proudly said that he “spends hours in the gym each day” asked Jules if Justin “lifted weights” or “was a (foot)ball player.” Of course, the answer was no. Then, he asked, how does he look so buff? Jules’s reply: “He [Justin] lifts plywood.”

We like to hike and go for walks, which help keep us energized. As for colds (no sniffles yet!) we don’t do flu shots (never have) so if we do feel a cold coming on, we take Echinacea, gargle with Swedish Bitters, drink lots of water, take colloidal silver or put peroxide in our ears – sounds crazy but it works! Prevention is the best medicine (washing hands, eating right — fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding white and sugary starch foods) and if we happen to succumb, which very seldom happens, then we take Mega H and inhale steam with eucalyptus oil or take lots of elderberry syrup.

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  1. Carrie Allen says:

    Since I found this post I have been trying to find out as much about the swedish bitters as I could. But unfortuantly or not (not sure…lol) couldnt find any side effects. I havent ever tried any herbal medicine (yet). But I have just had it with almost everyday there is some medicine that is making people sicker than they were. I did a search of every ingredient and found only a couple with serious side effects(mostly just allergic reactions). I was hoping this could help my husband. He has severe fibromialgia. I know you aren’t a doctor but have you ever heard of anyone having bad side effects from the bitters? And do you reccomend a site to buy it from?
    Thanks a bunch,

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