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  1. Dermot says:

    The most important commodity on the list is
    fair trade chocolate, IMHO.

    Most people seem unaware of the horrific nature of much of the chocolate production in the world – it’s the best kept worst-secret on earth:

    Hundreds of thousands of children working as slaves so that westerners can rot their teeth. I think a lot of people would change behaviour if they were aware of this…

    The more you know, the worse it gets.

  2. Wildside says:

    Your viewers can block the popups if you want to go the advertising route…

    I really like the idea of PTF seeds — it’s the one thing on the list I might have a use for!

  3. Anais Dervaes says:

    Hi Dermot

    Thanks for sharing the link about the horrific implications of our chocolate addiction. I think more people need to become aware of this (along with blood diamonds, sweat shops and other ramifications of globalization)

  4. Anais Dervaes says:

    Hi Wildside

    Thank you for your opinion on this matter.

  5. Thriftwizard says:

    Can’t vote until I know whether you’d post to the UK! I probably wouldn’t buy fairtrade chocolate, organic soap or seeds; I can already buy them closer to home.

    But you might tempt me to a shopping bag…