Harvested the last of the peaches and pretty soon the apples will be finished.

The fall tomatoes have been planted, along with sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes and green crops. Pretty soon, JC will start snow peas and broccoli.

Aug is vacation time for many of our restaurant clients — a few are off this week and the rest at the end of Aug. So, we had a lot of surplus produce this week and have been asking if any of our friends would like the surplus.

King of the garden

On Friday, a few of the students from the NH school across the street came over to use the solar oven to cook some pizzas — they were really excited about using the sun — “so cooooool.” I had to leave, but JM reported that the little pizzas turned out great and the kids were thrilled.

Fellowhomesteader received a present of goats which brings back memories of when we had a nanny goat on 10 acres in Fla. She was an ornery goat — and certainly had a mean streak. We did milk her and enjoyed fresh goat milk for awhile.   Anyway, Mollie Jo, as she was called, was so big and so ornery that we had trouble controlling her (that was probably why the previous owner gave her to us in the first place).

After she got herself into a heap of mischief, we thought it better just to go back and get our regular delivery of raw goat’s milk from a lady down the road — we’d get fresh milk, eggs and raw butter and she’d get honey from us.

We were excited when we received a packet of pomegranate and grape seeds in the mail from a regular PTF reader stationed in Iraq. There are plans to destroy the trees from which these seeds came and we are grateful for the opportunity to be the seed saver for that particular variety from an ancient land of mystic gardens (Eden and Hanging Gardens of Babylon)

Thanks, Nathan!

On Thursday and Friday, we went to Huntington Hospital to visit JM’s friend who went in for brain surgery. We picked her a lovely bouquet with herbs and flowers from the garden — she was thrilled to be able to smell the garden from her hospital bed — masking that horrid antiseptic “hospital smell.”


On the path, many small coincidences accumulate to a greater realization of the whole.~ Toto ~


Still hot with a little humid moisture — thankfully this old house has lots of windows!

The high deserts are experiencing gully-washers with massive cumulous clouds rising higher than the San Gabriel Mountains.

We were a worried for our family in the Tampa area, s they were evacuated to higher ground as Charley was predicted to landfall there — thankfully, there wasn’t much damage. Our thoughts are with those in the Punta Gorda. Port Charlotte area. Keeping our eyes on Earl…

Delectable pound cake


The duck egg pound cake turned out a lovely buttery yellow — and of course, it tasted delicious. 1/2 of it demolished in less than 1/2 a day.

Using 6 eggs helped us use up the the stockpile of eggs we had in the fridge.

On Saturday morning, made French toast with freshly sliced peaches… yum.

OK, if you hadn’t figured out by now — but we love good food — thanks to our Belgian, French heritage.


We all could use a course these days…. it’s so easy in this age to be uncouth/uncivil since society has degenerated so far in decent civility.

Please, thank you, excuse me …. have to work/practice on that more around the homestead.



….Not so long ago, etiquette books were ridiculed as a relic of a bygone era. Now, as society grows fed up with increasing rudeness, the remakes are everywhere.

… ” We live in a fast-paced, somewhat informal world, where people are just going, going, going.”

.. Who hasn’t been irked by a cellphone conversation at their favorite restaurant? Or had someone not hold a door for them when their arms were full? Or glared at by a salesperson who’d rather talk on the phone than help a customer?

People here wear shorts to cocktail parties and spam their friends with email. They gossip about co-workers and use foul language.

And now it has reached a tipping point. “People are craving a little civility.”

…. “There is a feeling that we are losing a bit of what makes communities work, if we don’t a little more attention to courtesy.” … ” We are so rushed and so crowded that we have lost the time to be considerate and polite.”

… “Etiquette is not about social climbing or social status. It’s really not about what fork to use.  It’s about you and I having a great interaction when we’re together. It’s about treating people with consideration, respect and honesty.”

… “Obviously, society has shifted hugely since the 1960’s, when everything was about ‘me, me, me.’ Maybe the world works better when we are considerate.”

Weather Report: Warm and humid.

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