PTF’s new journal can be found athere. There’s still a bit of tweaking and linking to be done.

Thanks to JM for her work in setting the PHP program up, making it so much easier for me to update. No more having to “copy and paste HTML” links to every sidebar.  Time is sparse around these parts, so anything that saves time is a blessing!

Stay tuned for a new (and improved) PTF message board, along with a sustainable/homesteading community portal — and eventually a new, simpler website.


On Friday, the warm, spring-like weather was gone. Dreary, rainy days were back on Fri and Sat.  There’s still a slight chance of rain today with showers lingering till at least Tuesday! Another big storm is heading our way on Wed and Thur (that could make this year THE wettest in history — right now we are #2)

Check out these awesome photos of theArroyo Seco during the last big storm. TheArroyo Seco is a stones throw away from our house — we Pasadenians are very lucky to have this open space to enjoy.

Plants are loving every bit of moisture. The mountains are soooo amazingly green.  However nice it looks now and how much we appreciate a chance to see such a spectacular sight, all SoCalers know that such dense green means a dangerous fire season come summer.

Weather Report: Nice