Buffalo grass

The other day we receivedBuffalo Grass plugs that we ordered, which will finally finish off the pathway in the front yard.   This grass is great for our dry climate, needing 2″ of water per month. Even though we saved the previous grass pathway from a dumpster — it was still a water and time guzzler.

With So Cal having more rainfall than Seattle (Yep, it’s true! The weather is certainly topsy turvy this year) this is going be a very interesting year to see how the garden grows.

Coming home from work yesterday I was hastily escorted by JM to the backyard to “come and see.” To my surprise, the guys have started to take out the ugly concrete!   We had it on our “to do list” for many years.   It’s going to be one heck of a job, but better now than doing it sometime in summer.

Now, this year instead of layering it with mulch and straw to hide the hot and hideous eyesore, we’ll have to build up the “hole in the ground” at least six inches before we are level with the cinder blocks, then built on top of that more layers for raised beds. It’s going to take a heck of a lot of tree mulch and compost fromTim.

BTW: Tim’s compost pile is in jeopardy. The land he was using to build his monument to life is threatened to be torn down by the property owners. Tim, of course, would like to buy the entire property, but the owners (a local cemetery) would rather sell it to developers for townhouse or a mall.

We’ll be attending a benefit for Tim this Sunday:

SOUL OF SOIL with Zeke the Sheik

Tim Dundon (aka“Zeke the Sheik” the compost king ) is hosting an event at Dr. Music in Eagle Rock to share his rhymes and fine guitar playing with the world.

Come, participate and support regeneration, community and sustainability on the planet!

WHEN: Sunday, March 20 @ 6 PM
FEE: Donations accepted
WHERE: Dr. Music is at 1812 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles / Ph # 323-258-9010.

Weather Report: Warm & sunny

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