LA Arboretum

Saturday we spent a wonderful day at theLA Arboretum as participants in the 25th annual LA Environmental Education Fair.

The whole family went along to be able to have a chance to stroll the green grounds and check out the huge flock of gorgeous peacocks.

The grounds surrounding the lovely Queen Anne’s cottage (built by legendary So Cal character“Lucky” Baldwin) , are planted with citrus groves (heavily loaded with oranges and grapefruit), nestled among the groves is a traditional rose garden (unfortunately, it was too early for rose blooms).

JM made sure we checked out the ducks and geese in the lagoon (made famous by the 70’s TV series “Fantasy Island“).

We brought along the new & improved pedal powered grain “mill” for the kids. It was a hit — of course! Kids came back again and again, begging to be allowed to ride “one more time.” One girl exclaimed that “this was the best thing at the fair!” Of course the boys took it as a challenge to see who could ride/grind faster.

On the way home we treated ourselves to some “air fries” and veggie burger from local health food/fast-food joint. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve eaten out and it was a nice treat.


> Received an email the other day from a reader in Japan who has come up with an easier way to make paper pots.Check it out.

> A new blog/journal format is in the works, also we are planning a PTF community “sustainability” portal and a new, simpler website. Stay tuned.

> Once in a lifetime:Death Valley alive with wildflowers: Record rains yield ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ display Would like to take off one day to see nature’s glorious display.

Weather Report: Hazy & warm

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