Candle vigil for grandma


Our death is not an end if we can live on in our children and the younger generation. For they are us, our bodies are only wilted leaves on the tree of life.

~Albert Einstein~

We purchased some last minute tickets and boarded a plane Saturday morning to visit our Grandmother who is slowly passing away.


Her living will stated she did not want to be on any life support systems, so it is all a matter of time. We spent a very emotional and extremely stressful few days (Sat night to Wed morning) there in Florida.

We brought back with us stories and photos of good memories that we shall treasure always.

    It was very, very hard on us to see our beautiful Grandmother in this condition. But, we’ll always remember her as she was. 

Her generosity and kindness extended to everyone she met. She was unselfish, more concerned about the welfare and happiness of others than of herself. Her love of cooking and baking, clipping coupons, and sending care packages will be just a few of our favorite memories.   Grandma always looked out for her kids and grandkids and she wanted the best for everyone. Her family was everything to her.  

Grandmother was a young “war bride” who met Grandpa, a Captain in the US Army. He brought her back to America from Belgium and she carried with her very little understanding of the English language. However, as she learned to speak English she never lost her charming Flemish accent. We were her “zutikins” (Flemish for little ones).

There are many regrets and we have heavy hearts as she passes at the age of 78. But her legacy will survive. Each of us has a bit of her (and Grandpa, who died in September of ’96) in us. It’s amazing how we’ve inherited certain traits — both good and “bad.”

Right now we are all feeling a bit numb, losing two Grandmothers in about three weeks time has really put a strain on our emotions. This trip has been a traumatic experience for all of us and we will have to deal with our grief and emotions as time passes. Yes, life always goes on, but the healing will take years.

May God give you peace, Grandma, we will miss you very much.

50th Anniversary (January 19, 1996)

To our family – from Dad and Mom

Jules (Sr.) and Lisette Dervaes

On this date in 1946 your mom and dad said ” I do until death do us part.”

We both assure you we meant it, and said it from our heart.

Making this decision came from within both of us from the start

For that day in 1946 we agreed it was only from both our hearts.

Raising six wonderful children we stand very erect and tall.

However, I assure you — it was always considered to be a ball.

Through it all we weathered many valleys, but we also enjoyed the hills.

Even though, at times, we were forced to forgo many thrills.

For, as the expression goes, and we agree, life is not always fair.

But, we disagree, for us life has been good, for, most certainly, we care.

For raising six children and making a living, we considered a pleasant must.

For we treasure your affection, your love and, most certainly, your trust.

Fifty years now together does not seem such a long time;

For the love and affection we have received has been so very fine.

It has been such a pleasure to share this dinner with you.

Our challenge to each of you, as life goes on, it “above all to each other

remain true blue.”

It is you mom and dad’s wish that, as life goes on, you love each other;

For without your love for each other, you need not bother.

May our good Lord always keep you in His care;

For we realize His love and affection we also share.

In closing, we challenge the vision and goals that you set for yourself


Regardless of disappointments and set-backs, your goals — we have

confidence you will attain.

Please always remember, success is not measured in dollars or net worth.

For true happiness must commence and be followed through from birth.

For though life’s span, set-backs and bad breaks are a part of life.

From the day we left Belgium on a tramp steamer – without a visa,

Just my wife and a dream fulfilled.

We love all of you – as long as we live.

~ Spoken by Jules Dervaes Sr. at his

50th wedding anniversary dinner. ~


Being out of town, we did not experience the monstrous storm that dumped insane rainfall amounts onto SoCal. Pasadena is nearing the total of 40″ of rain, that is eight times as much rainfall as last year!!!! Last years total was a pathetic 5″.  And nature is not finished with us yet, another storm is expected sometime next week.

The San Gabriel mountains are the greenest we’ve seen in years – a vibrant almost neon green fuzz covers the mountains. Although the rain is causing damage and loss of life, it is a blessing.


While in Florida and not knowing when we’d ever be back, we decided to visit the rural 10 acres where we had lived before coming to California and where Jules had a successful beekeeping and honey business. It had been slightly more than 20 years since any of us had seen the place though we had been back to Florida often. Perhaps it was the sentimental emotion of this trip which prompted the visit.

That experience I will relate in another post, right now I am too tired.

Weather Report: Drying out,…   blue skies, white clouds – perfect.

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