On Sunday we were excited to see that the caterpillar formed into a chrysalis. Now it’s just a matter of time until the magical metamorphosis!


We had a great attendance for the screening of ECOPARQUE. A special thanks to Michael Bedar for his presentation and for the inspiration and ‘thank you’ to those of you who brought great food (and helped in the kitchen)– it was quite a spread!

It was good to see friends and acquaintances we hadn’t seen in sometime and have a chance to catch up with what everyone’s doing. And the weather was great and temps were perfect for the semi outdoor event…

The atmosphere was really positive and many people commented on that feeling — especially Michael who said that he was grateful for stopping here at PTF as it touched him more than we would ever know.  

We really enjoyed his visit and learning more about his work.


Our family is grateful for all your touching comments about the passing of Lizzie. Your thoughts and wishes are sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.

In addition, thank you very much for everyone’s new year wishes. Many blessings to all fellow travelers along the path, may each step bring you towards REAL freedom.

Weather Report: Perfect!

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