Winter wildlife

On Friday morning JC spotted this beautiful monarch caterpillar happily crunching away.

Don’t you think it’s a bit early li’l fellow?

Well I don’t blame ’em, who wouldn’t want to be out? The past few days have been absolutely wonderful — warm temps, brilliant blue skies that highlight the snow capped mountain range.


On Thursday, I went about making a sourdough starter in hopes of learning how to bake a good loaf.   The starter was quite active and in a matter of hours needed to be fed. But the first two loaves were really quite pathetic… too hard of an outside crust and bit too moist inside and definitely heavy, but otherwise not bad for a first time. Still dreaming of pulling out a golden crusted bread and slathering it with some butter…. yum!


… to fellow travelers who donated in 2004/5.

We are sincerely grateful for your monetary contribution, your gifts will help with the cost of web hosting fees for this site.


Kevin (California)

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 Fellow Traveler  (Washington)

In addition, thank you to those friends of ours who support us in many ways by simply ‘being there’ whenever we need a little extra help.

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