Citrus delights

Dec and Jan in SoCal means the harvest of citrus crops!!! The oranges have produced well and so have the meyer lemons and ruby red grapefruit. By next year we hope to have our dwarf tangerine producing juicy delights.

There are clouds on the horizon and the sunny temps we have been enjoying are over. It’s supposed to rain this whole week (5″-10″ predicted), which is great since we need all the moisture we can get.

Diary postings are less frequent than I would like but there are family and business matters to attend to that keep me away from the computer and will continue to do so for sometime.

To help pay for the car debt, some of us are spending the days with new jobs. But with being away, one misses out on daily happenings around the homestead and learning and doing new things along with finishing projects on the “to do list,” and basically are left feeling out of touch with life.

The people and job are good (can’t complain), we are allowed to pick our days in which to work, however with the financial situation we need to work as many days as we can — at least during the winter months when there’s not much in the way of produce and edible flower business (which is pretty lucrative, but seasonal and could have and has supported us these many years… until this one).


Saturday was a sad day for our friend and neighbor (and for us), she lost one of her cats, ‘Sees’ — killed by a car in front of her house. She wasn’t home at the time (Friday night) but when Sees did not respond to her calling him on Saturday, she came knocking on our door and wondered if we’d seen her cat and commented that there was huge blood stains in the road.

Our worst fears were confirmed when another neighbor saw us examining the blood stains and told us that he and his wife had picked up a dead cat from the side of the road, intending to give him a proper burial. The cat turned out to be her beloved Sees. 

So sad and so stupid for her ‘little buddy’ to have died that way.

Tribute to ‘Sees’


JC tallied up the 2004 harvest numbers and found that we are already at 6,200 lbs, thanks to the 120 plus lbs of oranges harvested this month and there’s still one week to go!

We are a bit surprised as we’d dubbed this year’s growing season “pretty pathetic” compared with others (certain crops didn’t do as well). Although it certainly helps that the fruit trees are maturing and bearing more fruit and that means the harvest numbers should continue to grow and grow…

Weather Report: Cold & overcast.

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