Sunday, we gals spent the day cleaning and organizing the house (puttingstuff that has accumulated into different categories: “sell”, “donated”,”freecycle” or “trash”)

While going through a box of collected papers, came across this profoundquote:We now a days have generalized our sentiments, we have more philanthropy andless neighborliness. We have more love for mankind and less for men. Weare independent of our neighbors, but infinitely more dependent on the worldat large.The personal element has been removed to a large extent from our socialethics. We buy nursing and catering as we hire our houses built and buy ourcorn ready ground.Doubtless everything we buy in infinitely better; nevertheless our loss inaffectionate zeal is great~ Alice Morse Earle : Home Life in Colonial Days ~

Seems a reason we are such a throw-away society these days.

The guys on the other hand spend the day in the garden tidying up from afreak torrential cold front that blew in Saturday night. Dropping over 1″of rain in a few hours, along with the temperature — brrrrr.

When the weather gets cold, the desire to bake heats up (not only to warm upthe house, but to fuel the fire inside)

With the tasty treats of New Orleans still lingering in the memory, I whippedup a tasty New Orleans style bread pudding, using the “stale” bread that wepick up each week when we deliver to a local tea house. The recipe calledfor a Whisky Sauce to pour onto, however not having any hard liquor in thehouse, whipped up some Butterscotch sauce instead. Yummy!

Soups de Jour — it’s soup time here on the homestead; winter squash soup,cream potato and arugula (the potatoes aren’t from the garden, howevercouldn’t pass up 5lb organic potatoes at the store for 98 cents!!!!)

The fall/winter garden is coming along nicely, although we did have a bit ofa set back when a vermin ate up all the little seedlings JC had planted.Darn little bugger!

For extra income, the guys are looking at growing micro mix — a popularcash crop ($22 lb) which is used by many of the restaurants and caterers wedeliver too.

We gals have taken what we love to do – baking, to make some extra cash.With the sweet potatoes harvested from the garden we are whipping up somepies.

We’re harvesting lots of salad, the peas are starting to pick up and theoranges are ready. The guys dug up a sweet potato bed, there were somepretty decent sized tubers.

On Wednesday NBC’sTHE WEST WING, touched on peak oil. The episode was titled “The Hubbert Peak

“Sometimes we can’t wait for the alternative to be perfect.” (President Bartlet’s response to the internal bickering of alternative energy representatives.)

We are fast approaching the five year anniversary of PTF’s presence on theweb. Back in Dec of 1999 it started out as a political website and since hascontinued to evolve with our journey.

Weather Report: Chilly nights/mornings and nice days

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