This weekend was the start of the rainy season here in SoCal! Over the last two days we received decent precipitation and then some again today as another storm rolled in. Throughout the day we’ve had quite heavy downpours — unexpected (but definitely welcomed!) at this time of the year! The last measurable rain was back in April (~ 180 days ago), being the sixth longest dry period on record.

The showers are to continue on and off till Wednesday with a “massive” storm bringing 3″-6″ inches of rain to the foothill areas (El Nino? — Chumash Indians weather lore; if there is heavy acorn fall, then expect heavy rain. The acorns have been falling like crazy!).

The rain will help the garden out considerably.   The animals, on the other hand, spoiled with the nice warm Calif weather, look miserable. All, except for the ducks who love waddlin’ in the mud and quacking up a storm – they’re in duckie heaven.

The guys ripped out the remaining St Augustine grass (which was rescued from a dumpster a few years back) from the meandering pathway in the front yard and are replacing it will low, “no” water grasses.

Time now to go through saved seeds from this summer and make a flower mix to sprinkle in the outer zones/perimeter of the yard.

The flu bug has arrived early this year, a few people we know already have it. Since we don’t “do shots” – we’ll be drinking lots of water, taking herbal combatants and washing our hands religiously!


Something is wrong with the car — JC noticed that we are losing coolant and there’s a leak around the injection. The least it could be is that the bozo who worked on the car didn’t tighten down the fuel hose, the worse: when they test drove it (running hot, because they had busted the radiator) the head gasket blew and that means a new engine. But of course, that’s not under warranty.  Jerks.

A member of the family (grandmere) is not doing well — she got weak so fast. We’ll have to arrange to go and see her soon.

Things are looking downright gloomy.

Taking a break … postings will resume in two weeks.

Weather Report: Rain

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