It’s Not Like They Didn’t Warn Us”

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Mr. Jules Dervaes

Path to Freedom

Pasadena, CA

Re: Outstanding Recycler Award

Dear Mr. Dervaes:

Congratulations. The City of Pasadena is happy to announce that Path to Freedom has been chosen as an Outstanding Recycler for 2004 in the category of Preservation of Natural Resources. Your application was reviewed by an impartial panel comprised of representatives from Water and Power, Information Services, Human Services and Recreation, Public Affairs, and a past Outstanding Recycler recipient.

Path to Freedom’s multiple practices of environmental stewardship could easily have captured recognition in several Outstanding Recycler categories. The total use of your land to produce food for both humans and fauna is remarkable. To do so with an emphasis on recycling materials for composting and vermiculture, providing habitat for wildlife and minimizing the use of water is outstanding. Your reuse of bottles and recycled objects for both art and functional purposes truly makes your home an outstanding example of the preservation of natural resources that can be incorporated into many urban gardens.

The Outstanding Recycler awards will be presented at the November 1, 2004 City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Pasadena Senior Center. There will be also a reception on November 11, 2004 at 7:00 p.m. at the Armory Center for the Arts when all present and past Outstanding Recycler recipients will be honored. We hope you will join us.


Jimmy S. Berryhill

Administrator Department of Public Works


We also want to send a big thank you! toJBB, who sacrificed time out of her busy life to help with filling out the application and made it possible for us to submit our entry in time.


We were able to retrieve our car (bioburban) Monday and bring it home. It was good to have our own car back after so long. It’s amazing how easily it is to get attached to an object. However, the haven’t-been-to-a-gas-station-in-so-long record has been interrupted due to the whole chaotic situation.   Right now, it has dino diesel in the tank, not the “sweet” smelling biodiesel.

Anyhow, now we have to still try and get the dealer who screwed up in the first place to pay for rental fees, hopefully get some of our money back. We’re still not satisfied with the way we were treated, nor with the way they are forcing us to compromise.


The bright yellow blooms continue to be spectacular site to be enjoy in the garden.

The guys have been working overtime to get the garden ship-shape for Fall and winter — lots of pruning.


We’ve been eating our fill of avocados these days!   Thanks to Matt (a new acquaintance who lives in a biobus not far from our place). He works on someone’s property who has an avocado tree and having tired of eating them all, he dropped by to share a bag of them. THANKS!


A few months back, a city official we had met during the Pasadena Earth Day Festival contacted us for the upcomingTENDER LAND exhibit. He was supposed to take photos of gardens throughout the city so he stopped by one morning and snapped a couple rolls of film. He later gave us copies so we can share them on the internet. There’s too many to choose from, so here’s afew of our favorites. Thanks Brian!

Weather Report: Cooler

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