Discussion group with PTF and LA Permaculture Guild after the EOS screening

Saturday was a busy day at thegardenLAb. Julian Darley andDavid Room arrived early before the evening film screening of End of Suburbia to interview Jules about PTF for theirGlobal Public Media productions. They had planned on doing the interview at the art center, but decided to go to the homestead instead for the garden atmosphere.  

We had previously metJulian Darley andDavid Room when they stopped by our booth at SolFest.

For the EOSscreening, there were special guestsMichael Ruppert and Greg Greene (producer of EOS) andBarry Silverthorn (writer/director).

After the film, three discussion groups were formed for a free exchange of ideas, etc and the discussions went well into the night … we eventually got home around midnight.

But beforeJulian Darley left for the evening, I spoke with him briefly about concerns that were raised by Jules and others from our group discussions and asked: If people heed the warnings and do what we are doing — growing food, living simply, etc, — what happens when food is scarce for the rest of the world and there are hungry people? What happens between those that saw the warnings, changed their lives and can survive from the food they grow in their yards, and those that have nothing?

He said he was wondering when/if someone would bring that up and right now he really doesn’t have a definite answer to such a predicament and concerns.

I’m sure a question like that is on most people’s minds these days, especially those who saw the EOS documentary. The film brings you to a point of urgency and then ends, giving you no answers on what to actually DO about the impending crisis.


Some Further Wordsby Wendell Berry

Let me be plain with you, dear reader.I am an old-fashioned man. I likethe world of nature despite its mortaldangers. I like the domestic worldof humans, so long as it pays its debtsto the natural world, and keeps its bounds.I like the promise of Heaven. My purposeis a language that can repay just thanksand honor for those gifts, a tongueset free from fashionable lies.(part of verse five)I would like to die in love as I was born,and as myself of life impoverished gointo the love all flesh beginsand ends in. I don’t like machines,which are neither mortal nor immortal,though I am constrained to use them.(Thus the age perfects its clench.)Some day they will be gone, and thatwill be a glad and a holy day.(part of verse six)I don’t believe that lifeor knowledge can be given by machines.The machine economy has set afirethe household of the human soul,and all the creatures are burning within it

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With all the events going on and the obligations of dealing with people, we are craving some time away from the hustle and bustle. It’s been a long time since we went camping in the “wilds” and we’d like to have the opportunity to soon, but with way things are going it’ll be awhile. So, we try to grab snippets of “quiet time” as much as possible these days.

Weather Report: Warm, dry.

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