Thanks to the 16 enthusiastic participants who took part in Robina’s 1 day permaculture workshop on Sunday. We are grateful to and truly appreciate those of you who contributed food and drink.

Robina demonstrating the permaculture zones/principles

Field trip: Participants see urban permaculture in progress in our front yard

On-site work group: Participants analyzing neighbor’s yard

Permaculture Madam Robina McCurdy and participants

The evening concluded with a slideshow (which 30 people attended) — It was quite an eventful day!

Robina McCurdy, of the Tui Community in New Zealand, is the first world-traveled permaculturist to visit PTF and we were pleasantly complimented when she said that our place “was the best urban permaculture model she’s ever seen.” We truly appreciate the comment, though we are far from finishing our plans or our work. We were honored to have her as our guest. 

This was our first permaculture workshop that we’ve hosted or even attended for that matter!  Robina commented that permaculture is really learned not in a classroom or workshop but through a change of heart and lifestyle — that concepts and principles aren’t learned from books.

We hope to continue to grow and incorporate more sustainable practices in the future.


Has anyone seen our car?   Just kidding!

The ‘burban is still in Hanford (NOTE: thanks Ken for the gracious offer posted in our comments box!). We called the Chevy dealer on Monday and they said that the engine arrived late and so instead of being ready on Tuesday it’d probably be more like Thursday (so they say). And so, we had to call the rental car people and extend the week rental a few more days.

No rest for the weary — we are going to be pretty busy participating in the 6 week longGardenLab Experiment at the Art College of Design Wind Tunnel that starts this coming Tuesday.

Being that our car is still stuck in a small town outside of Fresno with our display — it’s going to be pretty interesting to say the least — we need to have the exhibit put up by Monday (Labor Day) – yikes!


Thank you to those of you who inquired whether you could help out PTF by sending a donation, purchasing a t shirt — our deepest gratitude to all.

Right now we are working on some ideas — products — that we would be able to sell to help support this site and outreach program. Stay tuned!

Weather Report: Bit hotter

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