Probably be the last post till we get back from SolFest next week.

Busy with getting the booth ready, camping gear, food packed, and filling our clients produce orders. We are having a friend look after the place and animals, so have to make a list of what needs to be done.

Last night we had our monthly knit/crochet circle with a few newbies.

Jamie – thanks for bringing some great snacks and lemonade!

Some idiot is using our email to spam and this morning we had over 90 returned emails in our inbox (and they are still coming in)! Days like these make you just want to toss the computer out the window and mutter not so pleasant words under your breath.

Anyways, there’s lots of “legitimate emails” that are awaiting our reply. Will get to them sometime next week…

Back in a few days….

Weather Report: Warm and humid.

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