WANTED: I’m a single mom looking for a laptop for my mentally disabled 14 year old foster son to help him with learning activities.

Someone responded to her “wanted ad” and she posted:

FOUND: Special thanks to the person who not only offered a laptop AND a super desktop AND software, but drove 30 miles to deliver all of it to us. Matt is thrilled and feels so special!

I’m humbled and in awe of the compassion on Free Cycle!

We are still looking for bicycles or scooters if anyone has any lying around the house.

That’s what freecycle was meant to be….

              Purple Basil                       Purple Avocado                      Purple Millet       


Up early, trying to get the garden picking and work done before the heat gets brutal — the lettuces are suffering and can’t take the heat (even in the shade) JC had to rip out a few containers, the heat’s hastened up their life cycle.

So, in the summer the salad mix turns to more heat tolerant leafy greens like – green amaranth (aka tampala) purslane, tetragonia, basil, red malabar spinach, mustard — along with the favorite standbys of arugula, endive, salad burnet, sorrel, kale, bulls blood, peppergrass, orach and a few others that aren’t coming to mind right this minute.

Image © Julia C. Perkins

The low chill sweet blushing Anna apples have been wonderful, the young trees are so small, yet they are loaded with fruit. Last year they gave us two crops (summer/fall) and should do so again this year.

The Annas don’t seem to need a pollinator (Golden Delicious) as books say — they are doing pretty well on their own.

Tropical fruits are soon to come… already the guavas are loaded with their yummy delights. A few of the green avocados are slowly turning a dark purplish/green — eyeing those little fellows closely for the first signs of ripeness.


One question – the Bulletin board discussion seems really slow right now. It took me 2 months just to find the discussion link because of its location on the webpage. Is there any chance it could be moved up so more people could see it the first time around? Or maybe mention it in your diary?

~ Chris ~

Chris, thanks for the email — good point. For months, we’ve been wanting to redesign the site for both our and the readers’ benefit — it’s still on the “to do list” and hope to tackle a major revamp by the end of the year.

So for all you readers out there, we DO have agreat discussion forum with lots of great people and posts.


Tomorrow JM and I will be going again to Pasadena’s Central Library to help with their summer teen program. This year the guys (yes!) and gals chose to learn knitting and tomorrow will be the fourth of six session classes.   The kids so far have been great, some have made cute cell phone covers, scarves and a few are already on their third project — slippers.  

If we finish in time, we’ll try to have them finish a hat for the children cancer patients at the City of Hope.

Image © Julia C. Perkins

Under the hood


The guys have been working on the car — getting it ship shape for its first long journey up to Hopland.

We figured we can go all the way (500 miles) on a full tank of homebrewed biodiesel and for the trip down, we’ll fill her up at a biodisel station at the Solar Living Institute.

Finally received our entrance passes to SolFest and booked a few nights in a local campground.

Weather Report: Heat is on — getting hotter.

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